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Hey there, we are glad to know of your interest in Sepal.

It is currently under production and you will be able to purchase it soon. Please do provide us with your contact details and we will keep you posted with all our latest developments.

Team Sepal



Business Enquiry

Hey there, we are glad to know of your interest in Sepal.

Are you a looking to improve the productivity of your 2-wheeler fleet and optimize the unit economics of your operations?
Please reach out to us and we can arrange a demo run of Sepal for you.


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Our Story

Our humble origins began as a silly project that we took up during our final years of college. Being bike riders ourselves, the idea of a product that could conveniently provide protection in all weathers fascinated us. As we worked on it, we realized all the intricacies involved in building a truly useful product. There were too many constraints on strength, size, temporary fitment and the need for on-demand protection. For over 3yrs, we have persistently designed, built, tested and failed numerous times. Finally, with all our learnings we have developed Sepal that has come to be the embodiment of needs & desires of millions of bike riders.

Our Vision

To become an integral part of all 2-wheelers and make commuting safe, comfortable & as enjoyable as possible


Vidhey Addepally

B.Tech IIT-Bombay

Kashyap Addepally

6+ yrs exp in design industry