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Hey there, we are glad to know of your interest in Sepal.

It is currently under production and you will be able to purchase it soon. Please do provide us with your contact details and we will keep you posted with all our latest developments.

Team Sepal



Business Enquiry

Hey there, we are glad to know of your interest in Sepal.

Are you a looking to improve the productivity of your 2-wheeler fleet and optimize the unit economics of your operations?
Please reach out to us and we can arrange a demo run of Sepal for you.


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" The only device you will ever need to get complete protection and ultimate comfort "


Escape from the wrath of Sun, the coolest way.

The extended canopy will keep you comfy even if sun held a magnifying glass on you, while the wind-sheild spares you from the hot winds


The day has come when bikers shall no longer cower or wet themselves in the event of rains.

Sepal’s wide canopy, wind-shield and thigh-flaps are precisely designed to keep you and the pillion, dry & functional in all sorts of rains

You will never have to deal with the likes of a raincoat again


Riding a 2-wheeler on the city roads is same as brushing against millions of dust particles and pollutants

Sepal's aerodynamic windshield protects you from these particles and results in a much cleaner breathing space.

Now you can reach your destination with the same freshness as you started

SEPAL is on-demand

We know how much you love your bike and how much you love riding it unconstrained. Biking is all about enjoying the right moments with the right view and fresh breeze.

In such moments you can close sepal and it will sit snugly on the petrol tank not causing any hindrance to your experience. In case the moments aren’t right then sepal got you covered. Like literally. In about few actions and 15 seconds time, anybody could open/close sepal & ride the way they want.



Canopy Fabric



Wind-shield has a hydrophobic coating. This makes water-droplets slide down as soon as they fall ensuring visibility in rains.

Canopy fabric is made from a proprietary waterproof material that can withstand heavy rains. Also you get to choose your looks from our wide range designs and styles.

Industrial-grade straps are used to fix the device. It can be installed universally on any motorcycle and no tools or prior experience is needed. Within 3 minutes, anyone can fix or remove the device from the bike.

The base has rubber feet at the bottom that lets you align and secure the structure tightly to the tank without leaving any scratches.


  • Mobile Holder

  • Adjustable Height

  • Petrol Filling

  • Anti-theft Lock

Comes with a magnetic mobile holder that is super easy to use and super safe

The canopy heigt and inclination can adjusted based on your preference

The mobile holder can be rotated upward to give access to petrol cap for fuelling

The device accomodates a cable lock, to keep it secure from miscreants